Titan Effect RPG Community Content Program

What is it?

You are a fan Titan Effect RPG and you want to create your own content? This is now possible with the Titan Effect RPG Community Content Program, which will allow you to publish your content (adventures, archetypes, new NPCs, etc.) for free or sell it, without us taking a cut. However, due to the fact that Titan Effect RPG uses the Savage Worlds game system, you will have to follow Savage Worlds Adventurer's Guild's guidelines and sell your content on OneBookShelf platforms only!

Note: the following guidelines may change in the future as we are working on different rules conversion. These guidelines only concern community content, and Aces are not allowed to create and publish content for Titan Effect RPG (but we are open for partnership).


  1. If you adhere to the following terms you are allowed to publish free or commercial material1 based upon and/or declaring compatibility with Titan Effect RPG without express permission from Knight Errant Media.
  2. As Titan Effect RPG uses Savage Worlds core rules you must follow Savage Worlds Adventure's Guild (SWAG) Content Guidelines if you plan on publishing commercial material or follow the Savage Worlds Fan License rules for free material. You cannot publish commercial material as an Ace.
  3. Art and text from our books may not be reused or translated, unless you have our explicit permission. You can use the names of creatures, NPCs, locations, and organizations of the setting.
  4. Your product cannot use the Knight Errant Media logo or the Titan Effect and Titan Effect: The Role-playing Game logo unless you have our explicit permission.
  5. You are not allowed to give the impression that this is an official Titan Effect RPG product or that we endorse or sponsor you in any way unless we’ve made special arrangements with you.
  6. Knight Errant Media takes no responsibility for any legal claims against your product.
  7. Knight Errant Media does not tolerate any content containing sexist, racist, homophobic, and transphobic tropes and themes.
  8. The following text must be included in the legal text, in addition to those of SWAG or Savage Worlds Fan License, somewhere visible in the publication, and on the website or storefront where you promote the product: “[Product name] is an independent production by [Author or Publisher] and is not affiliated with Knight Errant Media. It is published under the Titan Effect RPG Community Content. This product requires the Titan Effect RPG setting book, available at titaneffect.com.
  9. This copyright text must be legibly included somewhere in the product and on the storefront: “©2018 Knight Errant Media. Titan Effect RPG, and all related marks and logos are trademarks of Knight Errant Media”.

1Any other material than tabletop RPG content is strictly forbidden (except for fan fiction). Just like you may not convert Titan Effect RPG to another rules system unless you have Knight Errant Media express permission.

Titan Effect RPG Template

You are free to use the Savage Worlds Adventure's Guild INDD Template on DriveThruRPG or our own template for Titan Effect RPG. Which also includes the "Compatible with Titan Effect RPG" and "SPEAR" logos, as well as grid interface images.