Titan Effect Demo Kit

Titan effect Demo Kit

Titan Effect Demo Kit is a short teaser for our upcoming Savage Worlds campaign setting.  You will find an introduction to Titan Effect’s universe, new setting rules, a short adventure, and five pre-generated characters. Please take note, that some the rules might change in the final version.

Titan Effect: Character Sheet

A FREE form-fillable character sheet for Titan Effect. It can also be used with other Savage Worlds modern and sci-fi settings.

Alternative Rules

Optional rules to use Titan Effect RPG without the Super Powers Companion. With this PDF you only need Savage Worlds core rules* to play Titan Effect.

*The Alternative Rules are compatible with the latest Savage Worlds edition.

Savage Worlds Conversion Guide


This PDF converts Titan Effect RPG to the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, available from Pinnacle Entertainment