SPEAR Units Reference Guide and Session Zero

If you’re a tabletop role-playing game veteran, chances are you already know what’s a Session Zero. For those who are new to RPGs, a Session Zero is a game session where the game master and the players can discuss the campaign’s orientation, the tone, and the character creation. It’s a strong way for everyone to be on the same page.

The SPEAR Units Reference Guide for Titan Effect RPG is a great tool to help make a good Session Zero. This document contains extra background information about the SPEAR and the world of Titan Effect. It was also designed to be a small campaign guide. While Titan Effect focuses mainly on action/espionage, each SPEAR tactical unit offers different campaign ideas and play styles (combat, mystery, traditional espionage, etc.).

By using the SPEAR Units Reference Guide, the game master and the players can improve their Session Zero and choose more easily the type of campaign and play style that suits them the best.

The SPEAR Units Reference Guide is a free interactive PDF available here and on DriveThruRPG when you buy Titan Effect RPG.

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